Number of Iberia Businesses

The following charts show the number of businesses in Iberia Parish, broken down by the number of workers the company employs.

2,845 Businesses in Iberia Parish

Source: Louisiana Department of Labor, 3rd Quarter 2007

Iberia Businesses

Industry information for Iberia Parish businesses, including the average weekly wage paid by each industry.

Industry SectorNAICS CodeTotal CompaniesTotal EmployeesAvg. Weekly Wage
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing1146461$395.00
Wholesale Trade421061,843$736.00
Retail Trade44-452833,603$439.00
Transportation & Warehouse48-49701,729$1,009.00
Finance & Insurance52133750$690.00
Real Estate, Rental, Leasing531061,307$939.00
Professional/Technical Services54168680$710.00
Mgmt. of Companies556162$703.00
Admin, & Waste Services56632,379$1,074.00
HealthCare/Social Assistance622133,514$534.00
Arts, Recreation, Entertainment7120406$199.00
Accommodation & Food Service72901,796$219.00
Other Services811691,295$722.00
Public Administration9255889$588.00
Source: Louisiana Department of Labor, 3rd Quarter 2007