Established in 1984, the Iberia Industrial Development Foundation (IDF) serves as the primary facilitator of Economic Development Activities for the Iberia Parish, connecting current and potential businesses with the abundance of resources this area has to offer.

Through partnerships with the Iberia Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and the Iberia Development Foundation (IDF), we bring together all the information and services needed by entrepreneurs to create and operate business enterprises in Iberia Parish. Supplying a skilled workforce to meet the current and future demands of today’s diverse group of employers, Iberia Parish has a large, diverse, well-trained workforce!

Intermodal connections throughout the parish have helped build a strong economy in primary industries like oil and gas and agriculture and encouraged diversification and growth in retail, healthcare, construction, tourism, manufacturing, and agribusiness.

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Iberia Industrial Development Foundation (IDF)

Helping businesses improve their chances of success with good planning, preparation and insight, the IDF can help in alliances with communities and individuals that make new business happen.

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Iberia Economic Development Authority (IEDA)

A central hub for development activities within the parish, including collection and maintenance of vital stats and demographics, coordination between local government and potential relocating businesses, as well as establishing a plan to ensure progressive business development in the future.

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Iberia Development Foundation

A place where you can live, work, and play, Iberia Parish boasts rural areas with an urban feel. Helping local companies of all sizes grow and prosper, Iberia Development Foundation is there for current and potential businesses.